Oregon and New Jersey are the only states without self-serve gas stations.
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Twill Cellars

We began twill cellars as a project to explore some of the more unique terroirs in Oregon while employing the three varietals best suited to express the variations of land and vintages that we are hoping to capture.

Molly and Darrel Roby began as growers of a small, 2.7-acre vineyard that they planted together in 2000. With the guidance of a stellar foreman, Luis Hernandez, they’ve learned the subtle details in farming for wine and not just fruit. Darrel sees to the day-to-day work in the vineyards while fixing or innovating new equipment for the cellar. Molly handles hospitality and keeps our immeasurable amount of paperwork humming along. When they have the chance, they can be found exploring the great gastronomy in Portland or spending time with their pup Mica, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Visit www.twillcellars.com