Wine grapes were introduced in 1797 by the Franciscan missionaries at the Mission San Miguel Arcangel. They produced sacramental wine and made brandy for export

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We're specialists in importing quality wine, from Oregon and California

Salin Group is a company based in Denmark.We are importing quality wine from the USA and all vineyards has been carefully selected based on their high quality of wine. Most of the wineries are smaller producers of wine allowing them to care more for their products. Quite often lots of the grapes are being handpicked and produced in a pace that allows the wine to evolve into World class wine. Sustainability and quality is the key word in these wineries. Salin Group is owned and run by Søren Salin who's passion and knowledge for wine from USA, since the early 1980s, has grown from a hobby based interest into a serious and dedicated business - a business always seeking for the very best wine each region has to offer.