Due to the Missoula Floods 15.000 years ago Oregon is able to make world class wine today
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Colene Clemens

From the beginning it has been our goal to do everything possible to make the very best Pinot Noir that we can. No compromise has been made in vineyard preparation, farming practices and wine making.

It took many years of searching for the perfect place to pursue this dream. A very old abandoned farmstead and orchard that had lain fallow for many years would be that place. Possessing ideal aspect (south facing), elevations (350ft to 650 ft) and an array of high quality, proven Pinot Noir soils, not to mention fantastic views, no place could have been better. Even more implausible to us, our vineyard is not two miles from the little rental home where we lived when our first child, Aaron, was born. Vicki and I, Joe Stark, along with Steve and all the others involved with Colene Clemens Vineyards and Winery, look forward to many years in pursuit of the "perfect" Pinot Noir - that illusory, if unattainable, holy grail of winemaking. Salud!

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